You and Me / Me and You, Jan van der Togt Museum, Amsterdam, Holland

Sensual Materiality

”Glass is a slut, it dosen’t matter what you do to it, it will always seduce you.” Mia Lerssi…

Jan Van Der Togt Museum, Amsterdam, Holland.

Gerrit Rietveld Academie Glass Department 50 years anniversary.


”Since my work Simulacrum: murcalumiS, where I integrated industrial and artistic artefacts from the Collection of the National Glass Museum Leerdam, I find it a challenge, a pleasure and a nice gesture to work site-specific and bring in a piece from the collection of the Jan van der Togt Museum. For this piece You and Me, Me and You, I borrowed a piece made by Willem Heesen. 2 intertwined glass rods, cut and grinded. Worked perfectly for this piece.”



You and Me, Me and You

Materials: Clay, glass, plastic, wood, stone. Included in this site specific work, is a piece from the collection of The Jan Van Der Togt Museum, made by Willem Heesen (1925, Utrecht – 2007, Leerdam)







Joost Bicker Caarten, Sander Boeijink, Xandra Bremers, Marie De Bruyn, Anna Calgren, Simsa Cho, Yuna Choi, Bert Frijns, Lisa Gherardi, Vincent van Ginneke, Anna Gray, Mieke Groot, Susan Hammond, Esther Jiskoot, Mia Lerssi, Bert van Loo, Aleksi Marjamaa, Katrin Maurer, Richard Meitner, Milena Naef, Geir Nustad, Mica Okuno, Jens Pfeifer, Richard Price, Caroline Prisse, Laura Puska, Jenny Ritzenhoff, Ryoko Sato, Elizabeth Swinburne, Ellen Urselmann, Durk Valkema, Sybren Valkema en Gareth-Noël Williams.