Solid Sculptural Glass Pieces

Sensual Materiality

Mia Lerssi


”After some years away from the hot shop, I had started to experiment with ceramics, but slowly longing back to the hot fluid glass and the glass furnace. These pieces are made without fancy techniques, nor function as a goal. They are simply the visual and tactile power of the material itself. Light, mass and transparency. They are soft yet hard! Light yet heavy! In these pieces I have captured the essence of glass. It is quite simple. Yet I had to mature as a crafts woman before I could accept the ease with which these pieces are made. And to accept which visual and seductive power this material has over people, when in its purest form. To me it is sensual materiality. I include these pieces in my installations and 3-D tableaus. You could say that a single solid piece like this is an extraction of my bigger work.”


Small table or window sculpture in solid glass by Mia Lerssi.


You can contact me for available colors and items for sale.

Or find them here:

Fritzsche Glashandel in Copenhagen, Denmark

The Ode To in Stockholm, Sweden

Gudhjem Museum on Bornholm, Denmark.


Solid glass piece on top of interior Magazine RUM